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Failure is success in progress

What are the different awards given to Albert Einstein?
Einstein was awarded many awards and prizes during his lifetime. Below is the highlight on honors he has enjoyed throughout his life.

1) Honorary Doctorate from University of Rostock (1919)
2) Nobel Prize in Physics (1921)
3) Copley Medal of the Royal Society, London (1925)
4) Gold Medal, Royal Astronomical Society, London (1925)
5) Max Planck Medal, German Physical Society (1929)
6) Honorary doctorate from ETH, Zurich (1930)
7) Honorary doctorate from Oxford University (1931)
8) Benjamin Franklin Medal of the Franklin Institute, Phhiladelphia (1935)
9) Honorary doctorate from Harvard University (1935)
10) World Year of Physics. Einstein equation E=mc^2 marks 100 years in 2005 >> Read More

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