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Hello Friends, This page is maintained by me. I, like every other girl, is happy go lucky one. I used to be surrounded by love of my family and friends all the times. I used to be a super busy girl working on office assignments and catching up with friends on any typical weekday. I love to sleep in my spare time. Weekends are usually lazy and spent with family.

As rightly said by a scholar that life is not the bed of roses, I also faced downside in my life. During this period I lost my self enthusiasm. Most of the time I used to be upset and used to question every moment of life. I used to wonder why bad things happen to me. I lost the interest of living and growing up from that bad phase. Negative thinking emerged more quickly than the positive one. Though I am well thinkable person, however during this period of my life most of the thinking used to be a negative one.

One day, my father calmly explained me the importance of bad times in life. He said human being should not sacrifice the present time because of anything that has happened in past no matter how good or bad it is. He asked me to learn from the past. Let that experience guide you to live happily. The experience of the bad past should not ruin the present. He gave me an assignment to do.
He told me there are so many experts and scholars who have come up from the hard times. Like Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Jawaharlal Nehru, Benjamin Franklin, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt to name the few. He asked me to study the experiences of these great people. He asked me to maintain the dairy of the motivating thoughts. He asked me to write their thoughts, their experience, their quotes, their stories, life, facts and everything that inspire me about them. I started reading and writing everything that I liked. I found myself enlighten and more positive within couple of weeks. I continued doing this everyday. Every page of my dairy was filled after almost seven months. I was back to normal. My days were again filled with joy. I had a child like enthusiasm to learn more about the people and how they come up from their hard times.

I thank my father about this wonderful assignment of maintaining the dairy. I asked him for another diary. He said before moving to another diary, let you now make a DIFFERENCE in making someone inspired by what you have learnt all these months. He gave me the assignment to enlighten others and encourage others to live a happy life. Being a tech person, I felt it would be easier for me to maintain the blog rather than inspiring from mouth. With the blog I can reach more people and inspire them towards the betterment. My mom and dad loved the idea and encouraged me to start the blog. This is how I started this blog to inspire myself and others. I hope to leave the world a little better and a little more inspired.

Idea of creating the blog and inspiring people is easy but putting it practically was not that easy. However with time and dedication I have reached this far. I hope this blog has inspired you a bit. With great care and passion, I update the site every day with quotes, pictures, stories, and various other things that inspire me. The intention solely is to reach out and inspire other people in this world. Please take out time to read something inspiring daily. It is the best gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Please share this blog with your loved ones if you are inspired and you wish to make the difference. Subscribe by email or like us our facebook page to get the inspiration of the daily basis.

Last but not the least I would like to thank my family, friends and loved ones for all the support.
You can write to me at famousgreatandall@gmail.com in case if you have any story or quote or picture or anything else that has inspired you and you wish to share with all of us.

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18 September 2013 at 16:51

quite inspirational
we have always loved are heroes self sacrificing, initiative, inspirational,motivator. hope we can too walk in their path shown

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