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Facts of Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, the British Prime Minister, is best known for his contribution and leadership during World War 2. His sharp wit and uncompromising resilience has impressed generation of all ages across the globe. There are lot of facts that are widely published and we often read about him every now and then. However there are some interesting facts about him that are rarely published. Here in this post I am consolidating his facts that I have came across so far. Hope you will enjoy reading.

Winston Churchill was neither close to his mother nor to his father. He was more close to Elizabeth Anne Everest, his nanny. He used to call his nanny an old woom. Churchill's nickname was 'Winnie'.

Academicwise, Churchill, was not the smart kid. He was considered in the bottom half of class and examination. He failed two times in the entrance examination for Sandhurst Military Academy.

As a boy Winston collected stamps from all over the world, given to him by his father.

Winston was half-American. His mother was the daugther of the American Leonard Jerome. According to The Times, his paternal grandmother was a relative of George Washington.

He used to write about the conflicts, strategies and military situations during his military career to earn the extra bit of money.

He could not do well in the job of Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Nancy Astor once said to Churchill, "If I was your wife I'd poison your coffee!" He replied, "If I was your husband I'd drink it."

"Battling Bessie Braddock", fiery Labour MP from Liverpool once said to Churchill, "Winston, you're drunk!" To which he replied, "Bessie, you're ugly, but in the morning I shall be sober."

He was extremely involved in planning of the Battle of Gallipoli (World War 1). He was forced to resign from his post in the year of 1915. During World War I Churchill learned to fly a plane. His wife told him this was too dangerous!

Churchill gave many memorable speeches that inspired the British public, such as the ‘finest hour’ speech and the speech given before the Battle of Britain.

He was amazing painter. He had published almost 600 art during his lifetime. Sarah Thomas of Sotheby’s has commented “Churchill took up painting very late… He found relief from all the pressures of his work in his painting.”

Early in his writing career he was often mistaken for the American novelist whose name was also Winston Churchill. Churchill wrote to his American counterpart, and told him he was thereafter going to sign all his published works 'Winston Spencer Churchill' to avoid confusion. The two actually met in Boston in 1899 and became fast friends.

Winston Churchill was appointed First Lord of the Admiralty on the outbreak of WW2. During World War II Churchill spent nights in the underground War Rooms in London. You can see his bed in the museum there.

Churchill’s bed often acted as his preferred location to discuss matters of great state importance.

Churchill was famous for smoking big cigars, though doctors told him not to.

That Hamilton Woman (1941) is reported to have been his favorite movie.

He is still the only British Prime Minister to have won the Nobel Prize. He was named "Man of the Half Century" by Time's Magazine in 1949.

Winston Churchill died on the same day as of his father only after 70 years. Churchill’s state funeral was massive. 350 million people watched on television and 112 nations sent representatives to St Paul’s Cathedral. Churchill is buried at St Martin’s Church, Bladon.

Came in first place in the BBC's poll of the 100 Greatest Britons. [2004]

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