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History of Winston Churchill - Part 4


In this post I will consolidate Nobel Prize details and last years of Winston Churchill.

Timeline of Winston Churchill - Nobel Prize
1948His collections of writing was first appeared in The Times on 16th April, 1948
1949He was named "Man of the Half Century" by Time's Magazine.
1950300 of his paintings were there in his home at Chartwell during this period.
1951He became Prime Minister for the second time in October 1951.
1952He suffered from the multiple strokes during 1950s.
1953He won the Nobel Prize for Literature. Awarded the 1953 Nobel Prize in literature, he was allegedly disappointed that it wasn't the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to prevent the Cold War between the East and West from deteriorating into nuclear conflict. He was awarded the Order of the Garter in 1953, becoming Sir Winston. Both he and his Foreign Secretary Sir Anthony Eden had declined this honor in 1945, feeling it inappropriate following the landslide General Election defeat.
1954On April 27, 1954, a conference of the big powers, including Communist China, opened at Geneva. Hoping to draw the United States into a common front with Britain, Sir Winston and Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden flew to Washington on June 24 to confer with President Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles concerning the problems coming up at Geneva.

Timeline of Winston Churchill - Last Years
1955He resigned from the position of Prime Minister due to ill health.
1956For many years Sir Winston had found time to work on an extensive study of the British and other English-speaking peoples. The first volume of this study appeared in 1956 and was followed by three other volumes.
1958In retirement, Sir Winston frequently visited the French Riviera and Monte-Carlo. On one visit to the Riviera, in 1958, he was stricken with pneumonia and pleurisy. On his recovery he returned to England.
1962In 1962, he fell while getting out of bed in Monte Carlo and fractured his left thigh. Although hospitalized in England for almost two months, the 87-year-old statesman flashed the V-for-victory sign as he returned to his home in late August.
1963His daughter Diana Churchill died in 1963.
1964He left Parliament by standing down at the 1964 General Election.
1965Winston Churchill died on Sunday, 24th Jan 1965 at the age of 91 years. Cause of death was stroke. He rested in peace in London, England. He died on the exact same day as his father 70 years earlier in 1965.

Sir Winston wrote about 20 books and various speeches and other papers. His first book was, "The Story of the Malakand Field Force," He was not only a great writer but also an amazing painter, speaker and influential person as a whole.


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