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Accomplishments of Albert Einstein

What are the major accomplishments of Albert Einstein?

On this page you will find the scientific accomplishment of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was fond of science and mathematics. His major accomplishments are brilliant discoveries of various natures. One of the topmost achievements is the theory of relativity. Other discoveries include his contributions to physics which are light, time, energy and gravity.  Gravitational lensing, photon theory are other examples of his great discoveries. He published four of his scientific papers in 1905 which broadly change the concepts of science.

He always had a clear view of the physics problems and was always determined to solve them. His special work include
    • Special Theory of Relativity (1905)
    • Relativity (1920, 1950)
    • General Theory of Relativity (1916)
    • Investigations on Theory of Brownian Movement (1926)
    • Evolution of Physics (1938)

Below pointers summarizes the incredible accomplishments of Albert Einstein

    1) Photoelectric effect - He explained that the energy of light came in chunks or protons. This changed the thinking on the nature of light. For ideas in this paper, he won the Nobel Prize in 1921.
    2) Brownian Motion - He demonstrated the existence of molecules in this discussion.
    3) Dynamics of individual moving bodies.
    4) Equivalence of energy and matter - Famous formula of the world - E=mc2. This formula indicates that matter can be converted into energy. In this equation, E stands for energy, m for mass and c for speed of the light in a vacuum.
    5) Einstein showed how to calculate Avogadro's number and the size of molecules.

Albert Einstein received honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy from many European and American universities. He was genius in his work and a leading figure in changing the thinking process.

Last Updated on 12th July, 2013

Photo by Yousuf Karsh, 1948 

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