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Death of Albert Einstein

On this page you will find the details of famous scientist Albert Einstein. Details include his last few days, cause of death and the death date and a bit information about his brain.

 Albert Einstein Died On - April 18, 1955.
 Albert Einstein Death Day - Monday
 Albert Einstein age when he died - 76 years
 Cause of Death - Heart Failure

Einstein, passed away on 18th April at Princeton Hospital in Princeton, New Jersey after succumbing to aortic aneurysm. He was suffering from chest pain and some internal problems and was admitted to hospital three days prior to his death. In the early morning hours of 18th April he breath his last and rested in peace. He was cremated although his his ashes were scattered in an undisclosed place.

Dr. Thomas Harvey, a pathologist at the hospital wanted to know the reasons that made Einstein a genius man. So he without the permission removed the Einstein brain to examine. Later when the news of stolen brain spread out, Dr. Harvey was dismissed from the hospital because he refused to return the brain.

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Sculpture by Robert Berks, Washington, D.C.
(Credit: Túrelio (Wikipedia user), 2000)

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