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Family of Mahatma Gandhi

On this page you will find the details of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi family ie family tree of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. He is fondly known as Mahatma Gandhi or Gandhiji or The Father of the Nation or Bapu. This page has the names of Mahatma Gandhi Father, Mahatma Gandhi Mother, Mahatma Gandhi Sister, Mahatma Gandhi Wife and Mahatma Gandhi Children. Also information on their respective birth dates and death date is also included apart from the marriage date of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mother Putalibai who was born in 1891
Father Karamchand Gandhi, bania by caste. He married four times in his life. He married Puralibai at the age of forty. His father was born in 1822 and died in the year 1885.
Grandfather Uttamchand
Grandmother Laxmi Maa
Sister Raliatbehn
Brother Laxmidas, Karsandas
Wife Kasturba Gandhi affectionately known as Ba. Bapu got married when he was 14 years old. They married in 1882. Kasturba was born in 1869 and died on 22nd Feb, 1944.
Son Harilal who was born in 1888, Manilal who was born in 1892, Ramdas who was born in 1897 and Devdas who was born in 1900

Bapu's quality of truthfulness was inherited from his parents. They both were truthful and brave. Once Gandhiji stole jewelry from his home locker. After the incident, he could not sleep peacefully. After certain days he confessed the crime to his father who cried uncontrollably. Looking his father crying, he promissed himself to walk on the path of truthfulness for his rest of life. Gandhi wrote "Those pearl drops of love cleansed my heart and washed my sin away". His father died when Bapu was 16 years old.

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