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Happy Birthday Google

Happy Birthday Google. How old is Google?

Google is celebrating its birthday this month. It started way back in 1995 when Larry Page (22 years old) and Sergey Brin (21 years old) met at Standford. They both discussed, argued, disagreed and ultimately created BackRub. BackRub was the initial name of Google. BackRub changed its name to Google in 1997.

They both established the company called Google on 4th Sep, 1998. They appointed Craig Silverstein as their first employee.

This is something you would be interested in. Do you want to see how Google used to look when it launched in 1998?. Type "Google in 1998" into the search field on Google.com. It will show the results in the same look and feel as it was 15 years ago. Want to check it out, click here

Since 2005, Google celebrates its birthday on 27th September. So lets get together and wish our favorite search engine GOOGLE HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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