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Healthy Snacking Options

Whenever there is party around and we look ourselves, we wonder how to shed those extra kilos. Well, we follow the strict diet till the time party date and then get ourselves indulge in the not so good junk food again. Habit of constantly munching while watching movies is just a favorite time pass for us. Anyways, not all the things are bad for your health. Today, I am going to list down few food items which will not only fill your appetite but also keep you healthy and fit.

Healthy Snacking Options

1) Let me start with the yummy health food. Dark Chocolates. Beauties, yes, you heard it right. Though bitter in taste, dark chocolate is the great snack which can be enjoyed in between meals or whenever you feel low. Chocolates has the tendency to make human being happy. So whenever you are low or feeling to have anything, ponder on dark chocolates.

2) Plain Popcorn is also a good friend for us with regard to the snacking option. However, not with the buttered and cheese flavors one.

3) Fruits like apple, papaya, banana, watermelon, strawberries, etc are not only filling but also healthy too. It helps in keeping away the hunger pangs and your body will love it if you have fruits instead of chips and fried pakoras.

4) Milk is another good option to have it as the mid time snacks. If you do not like milk mix it with fruit of your choice and have the milk shake. However avoid adding sugar and artificial flavors. Also green tea is the good option.

5) Munching on Dry Fruits is anytime healthier than munching on junk food. I always keep some dry fruits in my bag. So, whenever on my way, if I feel like having something, I do not have to rely on the unhealthy chips packet.

6) Groundnuts is also the good option. However it is not advised to have it regularly. Once in a while is fine.

7) Salad is the best way to keep your body and mind satisfied. Slice or grate or chop onions, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, beetroot, etc.

What all snacks you are having now a days? Do share with us via comments.

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