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SmartPhone Mobile Phone Battery Life Tips

SmartPhone Mobile Phone Battery Life Tips

Let's discuss how to improve battery life of an Android Phones

In today's modern world, there are billions of applications that are available free for smartphones like Apple, Samsung, Blackberry and so on. When we install loads of applications and gaming applications it badly affects the life of a battery in the short as well as long term.
Also, so many android applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. runs in a back end which takes a toll on the battery consumption. Thus it makes users to charge their phones every now and then.

The only way to help this is to work on the ways to conserve battery power. You can do so by following all these tips:
1) Reduce the brightness of your screen : Keep the brightness of your smartphone to low and see the difference. It reduces the battery consumption by big margins. You can also set your phone to Auto-Brightness mode which will adjust the brightness according to the needs.

2) Keep Vibration Off : Vibrations are of great use when we are in some busy schedule like attending a meeting, watching a movie, etc. But there can be many instances where Vibration can be kept off. Vibration hits the battery life badly on an daily basis. Vibration consumes lots of power. Because it does not make sense to keep vibration off because each time you recieve a message, email, facebook notification, linkedin notification it will vibrate.

3) Keep Internet Off : This is most important of all the factors. In today;s world, we all keep Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn and many social networking sites sync on our smart phones, so the smartphone performs the sync operations for all these applications to keep you updated. But its not necessary to get all the notifications as soon as they arrive. Say for example, you are in a cinema hall so such notifications may disturb you. Hence keep Internet off. Also during the night time when you sleep for 8 hours, there is not much use of notifications. Let the Internet on your smartphone sleep while you are sleeping.

4) Time out : Screen time out also is one of the important factor. Always keep the time out of your screen to minimum.

5) Charging patterns : Dont make your battery reach below 15% levels. Charge your phone only once. Do not charge 30%, then use the phone till the battery reaches to its lowest levels. Keep the phone idle while charging and make it charge 100%. Also do not use your phone while charging. Keep the vibratiion off, internet off.

6) GPS : Disable GPS. Enable this only when you are looking out for some location, else strictly keep it off.

7) Bluetooth/WiFi - Keep this ON only when there is a need. Keep them off through out the time.

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