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Things to keep in mind when you start blogging

Things to keep in mind when you start blogging

You have finally convinced yourself on "Why you should start blogging". You are ready and geared up to start something of your own. You are absolutely excited to share your knowledge and experience with the outside world.

But WAIT. Before you jump to work on writing, I would like to warn you with the common mistakes that new bloggers do. Mistakes are bound to happen for anything we do from start. If mistakes are not happening be sure you are on the wrong path.

However, there are certain mistakes that are so common which every in experienced blogger or the first time blogger does. I thought of consolidating those small mistakes of first time bloggers so as to save you from unnecessary wastage of time.
1) Be original - The content you post need to be original. It should not happen that you visit websites and copy content from them. The knowledge you gained from them can be used but the content and presentation must be yours and it should not look like it has been copied just in order to increase the content of post.

2) Images - Try to add pictures in your posts that well matches the content. The post should not contain only text but should contain small sized images also

3) Highlight - The important parts of the posts need to be highlighted using HTML tags in order to grab the attention of the readers on strong points. No one is going to read the large textual posts unless you attract their focus.

4) Linking - The post must contains links to other posts. This will increase the time duration of the reader on your blog plus it will reduce the "Bounce Rate".

5) Add Social Widgets - Social Widgets like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus a must. This will allow the readers to share the posts and in turn increase the visitors for your blog.

6) Add About You Section - A small widget describing you including your image has to be there in your blog.

If you will consider the below mentioned points for your blog, it will increase the attention of the visitors in turn beneficial for your blog.

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