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Top Richest Hollywood Actresses

Who are the richest and the most influential actresses of Hollywood?
The world-famous magazine Forbes can give an answer to this question. It published a rating of the most highly paid actresses of 2013. Forbes took into account the fees for the movies, which are in production, profit from the distribution of films and advertizing contracts during the calculation of total income of the wealthiest women of the world of cinema. Here is a list of top-ranking representatives of the fair sex.
Angelina Jolie

It is widely known that the last big-budget film with the participation of Brad Pitt’s spouse appeared three years ago (the drama “Tourist”, where Johnny Depp was Jolie's partner, got $278 million in distribution with the budget of $100 million). Anyway, the actress remains at the top of a star rating. She wrote the screen script and acted as the director of her first author's creation.

It is a love story against the background of the war in Bosnia “In the Land of Blood and Honey”. Jolie is one of the few actresses who have the full right to demand the fee of $15 million for a role. The actress will earn exactly this sum for the participation in the new screen version of the tale about the Sleeping beauty “Maleficent”. Jolie will play a title role of the evil sorcerer. The fantasy blockbuster will come out in the summer 2014. The advance payment for the role allowed Jolie to head Forbes rating with the income of $33 million.

Jennifer Lawrence

A young star of Hollywood Jennifer Lawrence takes the second place. The owner of "Oscar" for Best Actress in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook” earned $26 million, having become the debutant of the list. In addition, Lawrence took the second place after Angelina Jolie in a rating of influential film figures. Now she is one of the most needed actresses in Hollywood. Lawrence plays in the continuation of “The Hunger Games" and in the film “X-Men: Days of Future past” that will come out in 2014.

Kristen Stewart

The star of “Twilight” Kristen Stewart closes the top three. Last year she headed a rating, but actress’s income decreased by $12,5 million. Today it is $22 million for a year. Nevertheless, Stewart has already participated at least in one profitable project after the distribution of all parts of the teenage vampire saga. It is a fantasy “The Snow White and the Huntsman”. Recently the actress prefers to pay attention to the independent projects such as the screen version of the novel of Jack Kerouac “On the Road”.

Jennifer Aniston

The former star of the serial “Friends” Jennifer Aniston is on the fourth place in a rating. She earned $20 million for the participation in several advertizing campaigns and shooting in the comedy, “We are the Millers”. This is movie with the budget of $30 million and a funny simple plot.

Emma Stone

The youngest participant of Forbes rating locates on the fifth place. She earned $16 million. A career of 24-year-old actress has been progressively developing in Hollywood since the moment of her debut in the comedy “Superbad” in 2007. She made her début in the “big Hollywood” with a role of the girlfriend of Peter Parker in the blockbuster “The Amazing Spider-Man".

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