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I don't know whether I should doubt God or not

I don't know whether I should doubt God or not,
But when I see around there is wrong happening a lot
Though I am not sure whether I will get answers of my questions in actions or words
But I am sure God is listening each and every word of human's heart

There are many who give birth to a child and throw them in dustbin without a mind
While there are others who are dying to have their own child
I am sure God is aware of their plight
And is doing what is supposed to be right

There are many who doesn’t want to follow rules set by their parents
While there are others who don’t have elders to guide them throughout their life
I am sure God has a reason to do all this
And left it to human being to understand the importance of elders in one’s life

There are many healthy people who die in accidents
While there are others who are suffering and are extremely sick
I don’t know what makes God to take this action
But I am sure he has an answer to my question

There are many people who fall in love and separate
While there are others who compromises one after other to get going in marriage
I don’t know why God make them meet
But I am sure there would be a reason behind it

There are many who roam from pillar to post in search of job
While there are others who are frustrated from doing same kind of job
I am sure God has well planned to give work
To each and every one on this earth

There are many who throw food by saying we have ordered / cooked too much today
While there are others who go to bed without having a bite in the entire day
I am sure God must be looking and wondering
Why there is scarcity when food is available in plenty

There are many who die because they cannot repay the debt
While there are others who are wasting money with every moment left
I am sure God wants to teach that money is not more than life
But we hardly understand this important lesson in life

Is it not possible to give what a person wants?
I know it is easy saying but difficult to be in the shoes of God
Why it is always we want what we don’t have
And forget to nurture the things we already have

Instead of questioning God we should question ourselves
Why can’t we be happy with what we have?
God has always given what the need of the person be
It is we who run after the wants and rest is for us to see

This is the only reason for unhappy and unsatisfied life
We all looks for wants and not the needs of life
Let’s pledge today to be happy and satisfied
Enjoy and be content in the every moment of life

Thanking God for each and every moment we are here
Appreciating Him for so beautiful nature everywhere
God has given the best to each one what he could
Thank Him always for everything he did for us and surely we should

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