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Love a little but love truly

Love a little but love truly
Love is a feeling so lovely

Whether it is sad or happy moment of life
You will find every time your love besides

Love will make you to think differently
Not from mind but from heart surely

Here and there it will be all around
And suddenly you will find no one will surround

This is what love will do
It will play hide and seek with you

Sometimes it is sharing a moment together
And at other times it is in only dreams oh my dear

There is no if and buts in the game of love
It is just a pure relation between two souls on earth

Slowly but surely you will master the game of heart
But play it only once to enjoy its each and every part

To know whether you have achieved mastery or not
See if it has ever happened with you or not

A tear in the eye and smile on the face in the same moment
Happiness and Sadness fill your heart in the very moment

If this has happened ever in your life
Then you are in love with a person who is currently on your mind

And if it has yet not happened with you
love more and love from your heart

And the day will come when you will also become the master of someone's heart
There is only one secret in the game of love

Love more or love a little
Love by all means, love with a true heart

If you would like to use or copy these poems, please contact me. The poems can be used after you receive the permission from me. You can write to me at sectionsall@gmail.com to seek the permission. Once I send the permission you need to attach my name as the author and poem must be linkable to my blog as source of the poem.

You can write to me anytime for further inquiries.

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