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Satyamev Jayate

My appeal to all friends to call on Satyamev Jayate toll free number : 18001032301 to vote for a change in the attitude towards the rape victims. Hope you all are at the same wave length matching with me. Thanx

Kindly do the vote and forward the message to as many groups as you can..

Punishment for Rape:

1) UAE- Instant Death Penalty, within 7 days hanging
2) Iran- Instant Stoned to death/hanging within 24 hrs
3) Afghanistan - Instant death by bullet into head within 4 days
4) China - No Trial, Medically proved rape then Death Penalty
5) Malaysia - Death Penalty
6) Mangolia - Death as revenge by family
7) Iraq - Death by stone till last breath
8) Taliban - Limbs/ Legs/ Balls All Cut Off,&then stoned&then shot
9) Poland - Death thrown to Pigs
10) INDIA - Compromise, Thinking, Trial, Bribe, Rich family Kid, Abuse & Embarrassment NO ACTION... Even d girl dies still no charge sheet filed... country gets in to protest, look at all these countries and learn something now atleast in case of rape

isko itna share karo ke pura India isko padhe...


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