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Lie Lie Lie

Lie Lie Lie
Why do people Lie
Is it because they dont want to hurt other
This means they are caring and not lying oh brother
Sometimes they keep things to themselves
Because they dont want to fill all around sadness
They want to share and try to say
But are scared wether will you take things in the same way

It is not because they want to hide the things
It is because they dont want to break the links
Though we all know lying will take us to hell
But each and every one of us sometimes still tells
Declaring in public that you lie is a really difficult call
But raising a hand and blaming others is easy for all
Please wait for a second, next time when somebody says that they lied
Before screaming, breaking the links just think have you never lied
Who are you to blame or curse the one
There is a God who will take care of everyone
It do hurts when somebody breaks the trust
But forgiveness is the thing that is must
Do the things which you are supposed to do
and leave the rest to the one who is above all of you
You are not here to punish the fellow human being
But are here to enjoy and be happy with every being

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