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About/Life/Biography of Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein, the first child of Hermann and Pauline Einstein, was born in 1879 in Germany. Albert Einstein was not able to frame the sentence till the age of 9. He was a drop out student. He used to play violin and love music. Albert Einstein started his career as a patent clerk. Though he had poor memory during childhood days, he grown up to become the famous scientist and great mathematician.

The first formula he discovered was the Brownian Motion Formula. This formula explains the movement of particles in fluids. At first, many doubted this formula, but after further experimentation, Einstein proved to be correct. Isaac Newton’s theory of gravitation was famous and was not questioned till the time of Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein in 1905 came up with his Special Theory of Relativity which shocked the world. He continued the research and in 1915 published his General Theory of Relativity.

Apart from these wonderful inventions, theory of photoelectric effect and his formula E=MC2 are also one of the most popular discoveries of Albert Einstein. Later, he discovered the Quantum Nature of the Photoelectric Effect. He made this discovery while experimenting with light, particles, and specific energy. In 1905, he proposed that the incident light consisted of photons that interact with electrons.  His proposal of this theory was not proved correct until 10 years later. Nobel Prize was awarded to Albert Einstein for his contribution and work with photoelectric effect.

Albert Einstein married twice one on 6th Jan 1903 and second on 2nd June, 1919. He got divorced from his first wife on 14th Feb 1919. From his first wife Albert had three children and from second wife two children.

Albert Einstein first marriage
Mileva Maric and Albert Einstein fall in love while studying medicine in Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) then called as prestigious Zurich Polytechnic. He used to call her Dollie while she called him Johnny. Frequent meetings and talks slowly grown into love affair. Though Mileva parents were fine with the affair, problems from Albert's parents were many. However the love was such that it was difficult to make them inseparable. They got married in 1903.

Though retired, he continued to work till his last days. He was admitted to hospital three days prior to his death as he was suffering from chest pain. He died on 18th April, 1955 early morning.

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