Home » » A negro boarded a bus wth hiz son, conductor said

A negro boarded a bus wth hiz son, conductor said

A negro boarded a bus wth hiz son, conductor said-

itni gandi shakal ka baccha maine aaj tak nahi dekha !
Negro gets angry bt sayz nothing n takes a seat near santa.

Santa- u look angry wat happened ?
Negro- d conductor insulted me !

Santa- to maar saale ko, la apna bandar mujhe pakda de

Thought 4 d ' Romantic Monsoon'

Avoid meeting ur girlfriend during Monsoon..
Otherwise ,.U will make her.......'



Height of revenge:

After being rejected by her, Boy started driving rickshaw in her street and now.... He rejected her everyday..!!

Women talk too much, but that's no problem for men, bcoz the male ear is selective!

When d woman says:
"This house is a mess, Honey.
You and I need to clean this!
Your stuff is all on the floor,
And you will be without clothes
if you don't wash them now!!!"

The male ear only understands:
bla,bla,bla,bla, Honey
bla,bla,bla,bla You and I
bla,bla,bla,bla, on the floor
bla,bla,bla,bla, without clothes
bla,bla,bla,bla, Now!!!

Wife: (shouting) Stop watching porn,
I can
hear it in the kitchen
. .
. .
I'm not, it's Sharapova vs Serena...
watching tennis


Chupke se bheja tha humne ek gulab use
Khushbu ne sare shaher me tamasha bana diya..


Funniest question asked by Sunny Leone

Where is TRIAL ROOM?


Life is too Short
So Plz don't Waste Ur Time in Removing Pendrive Safely...

Ghyaycha kadhun tasach khachkan!!
Kaay nay hot

Sindhi Lady:"Hey fruitwalay baba,
give me some potatoes fever

Fruitwala :"Oo Munjhi Maao
'potatoes fever' Cha thindo aahe ??

Sindhi Lady :"Oo maye Gaad,
you Illiterate people,
potatoes fever means

"Aaloo Bukhara"

HUSBAND: Darling, remember 25 years ago I had a rented one room apartment, a table fan, a black & white tv and a cycle to use. But, at night I used to sleep besides a 25 yr old sexy girl. Now I own a luxurious centrally a/c bungalow, 4 LED TVs and a limousine but I sleep with a 50 yr old woman

WIFE: Dont worry. Just find yourself a 25 yr old sexy woman and I will make sure that you go back to your 1 room rented apartment, table fan, black & white TV and cycle in no time....!!

Wife Rocks..
Husband Shocks


Mere PYAR ki to honi hi thi ENDING

Qki jiss SMS mein maine likhkar bheja tha I LOVE YOU

Wo uski shaadi tak pada raha PENDING


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