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Where does SUN goes in NIGHT?

Question by a friend's daughter - "Where does sun go in night?"

Tried to answer her such innocent queries in the poetic verse lines as mentioned below.

Where does sun go in night?
Sweety, sun does not go anywhere
It is the earth that goes elsewhere
Why there is darkness when it is night?
It is because the part of earth has moved away from sun's light

Do you mean the earth like human being is moving?
Yes the earth around the sun is constantly rotating
When we are in dark and it is night here
It would be day and sun would shine elsewhere

How does the earth moves and rotate?
Hold the ball in your hand that you can locate
Move it round and round that is the way earth revolve
Hope your queries one by one are getting solve (d)

But why is one side of earth day and other night?
Hold the ball parallel to the artificial light
Observe now the light is falling on half of the ball
The other half is not that bright oh my doll

Why don’t we feel the movement of the earth tell me my lead?
Motion is realized when anything moves with the different speed
Earth moves at the speed which is so constant
And hence the chances that we come to know are so modest.

And here we heard the door bell. She ran seeing her friend on the door. I said, "Thank God", her questions are stopped for now. I must say though today's children ask many many questions. Do share with us innocent (read difficult) questions that you have encountered so far.

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