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A Humorous Fictional Interview BY Bill Gates!!

This is a funny interview attended by an Indian called Desai.

It so happened that our friend Desai decided to look for work one day. Those were the days when Multi-nationals were still paying well and they wanted only such well paying job.

So, he looked for the newspapers and saw a big ad of Microsoft, asking for application for the post of Executive Officer to look after Microsoft Operations in whole of Europe. Desai had been to school for a few years and had heard of Europe being good place and being a man with an ear to the ground had heard of Microsoft being good company and of Bill Gates being as good as Ambani.

He sent his application and got a call letter to attend an interview at London. He reached London and found that the interview was in a huge hall, having almost 5000 such aspirants for the one post.

So, Desai sat with the remaining 4999 candidates and waited for his turn. After a while Bill Gates came on the podium. Gates was too smart a man to waster time on interviewing 5000 people. So he said, ‘Those of you who do not have a MBA may please leave’. 2000 people left the hall. desai had heard about MBA but did not really know what it stood for, but having spent so much money on air travel to London, he was not going to leave in the first minute.

Then Bill Gates asked, ‘All those who do not know C++, Java, oracle may please leave’. Another 2000 people left. desai remained seated.

Then Gates said, ‘All those who have not headed a team of atleast 100 people may please leave’. Another 500 persons left.

By now, Gates was exasperated. there were still 500 candidates fitting the bill and he did not have the time to interview all of them.

So, he said, ‘Gentlemen, I am glad to have such highly qualified people like you applying for the post. However, this post involves operations in the entire Europe and our focus would be on targeting east European countries. So, all those who do not know Serbian-Croatian-Herzegovinian language may please leave.’

Hearing this, a huge pall of gloom descended on the hall and 498 people left, Of course, Desai remained seated.

Bill Gates looked at the two remaining candidates and said, ‘Gentlemen, just give me a minute, I will be calling you inside for interview. In the meanwhile, since you two are proficient in Serbia-Croatia-Herzegovinian language, why don’t you greet each other in that langauge?

Desai looked back and said, ”Kem Chho”? (which means How are you in Gujarati language)

The other man replied, ‘Ek Dum Majama’! (which means “I am absolutely fine”in Gujarati language)

This is a Humorous Fictional Story. Nothing offensive. Wrote this story Just to get a smile on your Faces.

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