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The treasure

Rabbi Isaak lived in Poland, in the town of Krakau. One night, the rabbi was told in a dream that he should travel to the town of Prague, where a treasure was thought to have been buried under the large bridge to the king’s palace. Rabbi Isaak initially didn’t set any store by the dream, but when he dreamt the dream for the sixth time, he decided to start looking for the treasure after all.

After a long journey, Rabbi Isaak arrived in Prague and immediately set off for the palace. But the bridge turned out to be guarded day and night by soldiers. From a safe distance the rabbi observed the bridge, but as he was standing there every day, eventually he aroused suspicion from the captain of the guards. The captain approached the rabbi and asked him what he was doing at the palace. Rabbi Isaak saw that the captain was a kind person and told him of his dream.

The captain howled with laughter. ‘My goodness, rabbi, you seem to be a wise man, yet you take dreams seriously? If I were as gullible as you are, I would not be here now, but in Poland, in the town of Krakau. And I will tell you why. I also have a dream that keeps coming back. I happened to have one last night. In my dream a voice said that I should go to Krakau, to the house of a certain Isaak, to dig there, in a corner of the kitchen, for a hidden treasure. What do you say, rabbi, wouldn’t it be mad if I would travel all the way to Krakau and start asking there for a man called Isaak? Half of the male population in that town is called Isaak!’

Rabbi Isaak was totally amazed. He thanked the captain for his story and returned to Krakau as quickly as possible. He ran into his house and started digging in all corners of the kitchen. And he found a treasure that was so big, that he had no more financial worries for the rest of his life.

Moral of the Story - Go for your dream.

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