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Edomz Ad Network for Bloggers, Websites

Edomz Ad Network for Bloggers, Websites:

Edomz.com is the most popular network other than Google Adsense & InfoLinks. It is more popular and the 2nd choice for those who gets rejected in Google AdSense.

The most important requirement is to have 1000+ visitors daily.

It offers two types of publisher ads:
1) CPV - Cost per view. Here the rates are low, but can target large number of visitors.
2) PPC - Pay Per Click. Here rates are better compared to CPV, but it requires the user to click on the ads. So, it becomes less frequently used and it depends on what type of ads gets generated based on the website content.

How to join as a publisher :
1) Click Sign Up page for Edomz
2) Enter all the details and complete the registration.
3) Wait for the approval from the Edomz team

Once the blog or website gets approved, follow these steps:
1) Login to Edomz
2) Click on Add New Website under Pop-Under Accounts. Add the website here if you want to generate the pop up ads where on each unique visitors some penny gets added to your account.
3) Wait for Edomz team to approve the website. Once approved the status will get change to "Active" from "Pending"
4) Once active, get the code from "Get Code" link and paste the code in your blogger template or in Layout.

Advantages of Edomz:
1) Complete details of visitors gets displayed
2) All the keywords, plus from which page the ad got generated gets displayed for each day.
3) The results gets updated each time a visitor visits your blog. Need not to wait for the results unlike in Infolinks, Infinity or other Ad networks.

To join Edomz, click here.

Network Type CPM, CPC, CPV
Ad types POP up, POP under
Payment Methods PayPal, Payza, MoneyBookers
Minimum Payment Threshold $5
Payment frequency NET 15
Conflict with other programs and/or exclusivity None
Requirements / Restrictions Read FAQ or Contact them
Website URLEdomz
Join HereEdomz

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