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Tips for Infolinks ads for Higher Earnings

Tips for Infolinks for Higher Earnings
General Information About Infolinks

You may find that when ever you do a mouse over to the link that is Infolinks enabled, you may see an ad for Facebook many a times.

You may think, why would some one like Infolinks pay you for such an ad and that too always on every mouse over.

That is not the case. I did an enquiry from Infolinks admin and I got the following response:
As to the Facebook ads, this is one of our most profitable campaigns right now and your site is set for high earnings with it. Keep in mind that Infolinks ads change based on the location of the viewer, and they also change each time the page is reloaded. That means that viewers in the US will see very different ads than viewers in India, for example. Please also note that the specific Infolinks ads you are seeing are not necessarily the ones your visitors view. Since all ads are chosen carefully by our algorithm according to the criteria mentioned above, your visitors might be seeing entirely different ads.

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