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Mumbai - Marine Drive

The cool nice breeze caressing my hair 
Not disturbing the sleepy water that much careful was air

Soundless illuminations of three big weddings
White fluffy clouds gently approaching

A cozy couple sitting a few yards away
Thinking deep about the life and play

Under the soft yellow mellow light
Then came the father & son in my sight

Guiding what is life - a father to a son
Watching them was so much fun

Happy and fun loving people were all around
Walking and jogging round and round

Apart from the human there were dogs too
Dreaming in the expensive land and feeling like in the zoo

Loved watching them for what they were
As if quietly teaching us to be what we are.

Home was calling and the time was to catch the train
Air said come and admires me next day again

Finally when got up to leave the place
It was looking like the deserted necklace

That’s beautiful the marine drive is
Being there is really a bliss

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