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3 Idiots

This one wrote years before when saw 3 Idiots. Today just going through the old files and came across this poem. Thought to share it with my readers.

It has the humour which will make you laugh
It has the emotions which will make you cry

It has tried to show bit and pieces of life
And ofcourse of the average student plight

It has shown the importance to go with your heart
And took a caution efforts not to hurt anyone apart

Importance of simplicity is much more than money
Life, feelings and emotions are important and really not funny

Interest and Happiness go hand in hand
This is very true, follow it and success will be in your land

I have seen all in this wonderful movie
Kudos to all for their efforts in making a meaningful movie

I will give 100% to the movie called 3 idiots
And would advise all to go see and be an idiot

It is a free advise surely for you all
Follow it or leave it, it is your call

Share your comments or rate the poem in the scale of 1 to 10. Even the smile smiley makes our day and encourage us to write more. So take some time to share what are your first thoughts after reading this poem.

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