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Sunil Grover had a better platform with me: Kapil Sharma

In the latest interview with Times of India Kapil Sharma clears the air on many of the common allegations set on him.
Allegations on Kapil Sharma
1) Kapil wants to air CNWK once a week
2) Kapil is responsible for Gutti's exit from the show
3) Kapil did not like MAd in India 100% Desi show
4) Kapil left inaugural event of the CCL because he was not given a vanity van 5) Kapil was rude to Kangana Ranaut 6) Kapil make stars wait for hours.

He promptly agreed on the first allegation and said it is true. The allegation was that he wanted to air CNWK to air once a week instead of biweekly as he wants to focus on films that he has signed. He confirmed and defended it saying that initially it is 26 episode plan to feature CNWK. But because of the overwhelming response everyone decided to continue the programme. However doing twice a week is too much of work given I have to handle the creative aspects of the show being the producer.

He promptly disagreed on the second allegation. The allegation was differences between Guthi aka Sunil Grover which prompted later to leave the show. He said they are still in touch, they still talk and hope these baseless controversy should stop now.

On the third allegation he said "It was promoted as Guthi's show, but it has far more characters than I have in my show. Sunil had a better platform with me."
Kapil agreed that he left from CCL league and the reason was that he was suffering from back problems.

He disagreed being rude with Kangana Ranaut and he found her to be really sweet. She was very sporting about the jokes too.

He promptly disagreed of making stars wait for hours. However continued saying that "if any delay happened, it must have because I was busy with my team or looking into some backstage details." Now it is up to you to judge if he makes them wait or no.

During the interview he agreed it was special working with Sunil Grover and he tried convincing him to not leave the show and rest is history.

Source: Times of India

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